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Welcome to the StoatBusters Web Site

There is Information about Stoats, Rats and other Pests That are Causing damage to our native Animals

We are a Group of Students Working In the Young Enterprise Scheme where we have to Market and Sell a Product to the Public and/or Companies.

We make the traps ourselves at Inglewood High School in Taranaki. the traps are made to DOC specifications and have passed New Zealand Animal Welfare Tests. They are used by DOC (All round New Zealand), The Taranaki Kiwi Trust, Oecologico and Other private farmers around NZ


Over the past three years, 1720 stoat traps have been set out over 6000ha of Egmont National Park to protect both Kiwi and Whio (blue duck).

“During that time nearly 500 stoats, more than 20 ferrets, almost 100 weasels, 1750 rats and 50 hedgehogs have been nailed by the traps, which will certainly aid the survival of kiwi chicks in this area.” said Mr. Bennett.



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